Leadership Development

How can organizations support leaders to energise and transform teams to chart a robust growth map?

Successful leaders rely on their personal leadership skills and decision-making abilities to establish a culture of excellence across the rungs of their organization. They empower and energise their people to deliver outstanding results. In-depth Consulting’s leadership development programs help assess, develop, coach and build capacity at the leadership level.

Leadership Training

Clarity, Alignment and Commitment are cornerstones of effective leadership. At in-depth we customize workshops for specific contexts and client briefs after detailed discussions. These are specifically designed to enhance participant interaction and learning. Clients have found the insights facilitated through psychometric instruments, team activities and case studies invaluable and effective.

Leadership Assessment

In-depth assessment programs are driven by a combination of Psychometric tools, 360-degree feedback and Behavioural Event Interviews. Consolidated and data-driven insights about competencies such as personal leadership, relationship building and results orientation enable leaders to understand and strengthen their individual leadership styles.

Executive Coaching

Business environments are getting increasingly complex and leadership needs to constantly evolve with the changing business contexts and economic dynamics. Executive Coaching can assist leaders in adapting to these changes and recognize their developmental needs. The interactions encourage them to take personal responsibility for making the improvements on a long term basis.Our coaching programs are structured and measurable, typically spanning 6 months to accommodate various modules including assessment, self-discovery and action.

Our Core Programmes

People Management

  • Setting goals
  • Feedback
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Coaching
  • Talent Identification and Development
  • Effective Communication

Effective Execution

  • Moves ownership of problems and solutions closer to the customer.
  • Cultivates grass root solutions by involving the frontline cross-functional groups.
  • Focus on implementation

Leadership Development and Team Building

  • Understanding self and others – enablers and de-railers
  • Group activities that trigger crucial dialogues and build grounds for collaboration

Integrated Leadership Development Program

Leverage our assessment, coaching and leadership training services in one integrated program for maximum developmental impact.

The Integrated Leadership Development Program is anchored on our leadership competencies and development framework, focusing on aspects like the Self, People, Business and Strategic Focus (for top management). In-depth Consulting designs, leads and manages the entire program, providing quarterly program reviews to key stakeholders. A typical Integrated Leadership Development Program spans 18 to 24 months, involving modules such as:

    • Individual development plans
    • One-to-one coaching
    • Skill building workshops
    • Leadership off sites and retreats